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Oooohhh… A musical about young Barack Obama and a secret society trying to turn him into a vampire?

Yes please!

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Although it’s all over the news and the web right now, I feel I should put my two cents in about The Dark Knight. I saw it twice, and loved it. I will say that the first time I saw it, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, although Heath Ledger was amazing. I think I’m just a little slow though, because the second time I saw it, I felt like I took in everything properly and enjoyed it much more. But to be picky, here’s my list of things that I didn’t like too much: I guess, I should say there are spoilers ahead. So yeah. Spoiler alert.

1. CG on Two-face… Stan Winston is no longer with us, and that is a big bummer. More people need to take lessons from him and realize traditional makeup and prosthetic effects can be much more powerful than computer animated ones. That being said, the idea of the burned face was really cool and worked in the movie, I just feel like it could have been executed better.

2. The Batman voice… One thing that didn’t bother me as much the second time around was Christian Bale’s Batman voice. It just seems way too forced. I’m not saying he’s a bad batman, cos he’s probably my favorite right next to michael keaton (the original batman in my mind… despite the campy adam west), he just needs to develop a more natural, calm, but still intimidating batman voice.

3. Cell phone sonar? Everyone in Gotham City had their cell phone wired to some kind of bat sonar system so batman can listen in and find villians? Lame.

I’m pointing these things out because they bugged me, but not enough to really take away from the movie. Overall I thought it was really well written, directed, and acted. I’m very bummed out about Heath Ledger because we will probably never see another portrayal of the Joker as interesting, twisted, and entertaining.

Which brings me to the last thing I wanted to talk about. Everyone keeps suggesting villians for the next movie, but no one really mentions the fact that The Joker lived. Yeah. The amazing actor behind the character is sadly no longer with us, but in this batman universe, Joker is still very much alive. So rather than go through the numerous Batman villains, I just want to think about the Joker. I think it would be stupid if he didn’t at least have a cameo in the next movie, but that does beg the question as to who could play him. I think they should bring in someone new, personally. Heath cracked the character now someone just needs to take what he started and roll with it.

That’s my opinion at least…

Strips of memory

Strips of memory,
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So I still haven’t been really keeping at my blog lately. I’m hoping to actually re-build my own personal site and make the blog a part of that site. So until that happens, we’ll just have to get by with the occasional photo update.

…is going pretty well so far.

I spent the first part of it with my friends Pat and Jeff in Rapid City, SD. We had a good time just hanging out, playing games, and seeing the local sights. Now I’m in Armour, visiting with my parents for a few days. I’ll also be working on designing my restaurant for my graphic design project, helping my old co-workers at the Chronicle with their new macs, and teaching Adobe Photoshop to another co-worker.

So I’ll have a good mix of relaxing and being productive before I head back home on Saturday…